Monday, June 14, 2010

Germany vs Austalia - I was there!!

So at about 6pm Sarah phones me and asks casually if I am going to the fan park for the game, which I wasn't. So she says, "oh good, cos we're going to watch it at the stadium"...

I go from watching tv in my PJs to rushing down the NMR to meet up with Sarah's neighbours to get our tickets, which they ever so kindly gave to us, for free.

Got our tickets!

When we got inside the main area, we met up with Nich, Ziggy and Jack just to say hi.
They asked to see our tickets....we didn't know we had the really good seats...but we did when we got to them. 10 rows from the field, right near the terminal where they run onto the field...

HappiesComing on to the pitch
National Anthems

It was an awesome evening, and I have Sarah and her family to thank!
I would not have gone to a single game if it weren't for them!!