Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fire Through The Window

Recently I went to Fire Through the Window's "Golden Show".
It was really rad. Free tequila, a movie (or music video) and balloons!...and at the end they handed out cards to promote their new single.
It was like Pokemon cards all over again. People were boasting which band member they had received whilst others traded cards, or stole the band members they wanted.
Which led myself and a few others to think, how cool would band cards be.
They could have stats like: Shred Power, punctuality to band practise and other information such as whether they are an original band member or not.

But anyway...the real point of this post is to boast
I don't care which card you got...Mine is signed!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stop All The Clocks...

She truly was the best friend you'd ever have.
I love you, Nala.
I will never forget you.
Good-bye, my friend.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Pet Zebra

We got Puppy a new jersey today. They only had this print...


I got my mom and brother to try out my favourite sushi place, Bite Your Tongue.
They loved it!
Yum yum sushi


There really is no party like a UKZN party.
And no drink better than cheap yakka.


New owls

My Mom got me some owls from an antique store somewhere in the area.
I am happy with my growing collection.



I got this rad tree from a shop called the Space.
They sell rad stuff that is so hipster, you'd wanna take pictures of everything with your Holga


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Love Fluorecents!

I got this light for my brother's birthday
I want one too now

Pretty lights


G= Good
M= Music
S= Sunday

Because of various factors (long weekend, Billy Talent..) GMT became GMS, this weekend.
The party was awesome, the parking was terrible and the music was good. =)

Dancing faces are the best
BunsSe and Gray
No pictures pleaseSmooch!

Luke's Birthday Party

Nothing makes you feel older than thinking about the day, 10 years ago, that you younger sibling was born and being able to remember it
He's an awesome brother, bit of a tyrant...but he makes the house a lot more fun!
Happy Birthday Luke!


House Sitting

The Beaumonts went away for the weekend, and I got to look after their adorable pets.
The ginger cat is mine...but not really =P
My cat, TroubleTimmy

Good Bye to another Durban Legend

Recently I went to another emotional last show of a Durban legend. One could even say they were THE Durban legends. =)
So we all gathered one last time in from of Ross, Rich, Ray and Doom, we smiled, we all danced and we all sang along, for the last time. Bands even rose from the dead for them =P
I just wanna say thank you to CrossingPoint. Through this band I have made countless friends, had the best times of my life and managed to stay in a positive environment.

Crowd SurfingOver exposure
matesonly at the winston
Free shirts

Virginia Airshow

In Durban, July means many things;Mr Price Pro, School Holidays, The July Horse Races...but ever since I can remember, one weekend of the month Durban locals all gather on the beach, on the roofs of close by houses and braai whilst watching the Air show. Here I've seen everything from an air bus dropping out 100 sky divers, to a ever load Mirage that breaks the windows of numerous houses every year. I really like the air show:

Mary PoppinsPhil
Making phil a mermaidHome time