Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm so sorry

Firstly, before I begin my little story I'm just gonna say...I don't mean to have so many posts that derive from my's just that the strangest things keep happening. lol

So, I was in the bath the other evening and I could see a little battle taking place outside the glass of the window, a moth was trying to get through the glass toward the bathroom light, and a gecko was trying to get the moth. And as I hate geckos, I opened the window a little for the moth. When it eventually came through the kept flying into my face and stuff. And when I opened the door, it flew away.

That was on Wednesday...I found the moth today, it was dead =(

The moth
The mothLittle Zulu People

Sadness fills my heart

My mom and I found these really cool cameras (see here)

I finished the film the from the Pentax ES II other day (this camera was made in the 70s), and got it developed today
but I was unsure about what may be on the film, so I asked for the film to be scanned onto a cd instead of being printed
I am very glad for that choice, as out of 36 exposures, only one worked

Jason and Manda

and the rest sort looked like this

(that's Kai eating biscuits at a soccer match)
Sarah and rikki
(that's sarah and rikki on Rix's bday)
Soccer lights
(that's my brother playing soccer)

so yeah, didnt really work out.
maybe the next one will be better?


I've just spent an hour reading a friend's blog, instead of doing my portfolio for communications. When I got to the last post of the blog I had this weird thought, of how funny it would be if this person ever told me about "this one time..." because I could either play along and pretend I don't know the story, or admit what I have done

oh...and I like this picture

Originally uploaded by Kate Pulley

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thank you Durban, beautiful Durban

I heart Durban
Thank you for being my home
Thank you for being awesome
Thank you for being perfect...for me
and I am sure I will leave you at some stage
but I will come back
I'm not obsessive, I just love my home
don't be jealous

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

White and Pink

We have this peculiar tree in our driveway that has flowers on it.
The flowers are pink and white, but the pink flowers never blossom at the same time as the white, and visa versa.
I love this tree, because every day it's a different colour

pretty flowers
pretty flowerspretty flowers

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello, I'm in Delaware

City and Colour reminds me of these people

Fight Fest 2008

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kim's 21st!

So last night was Kim's 21st and I was pretty muh expecting madness...and I was not disappointed

We got Kim a hubbly, and Sarah wrapped it beautifully...


And then we starting working ourselves toward madness

Mixing drinksTough guys
Yeah Brownies!Cool Story brah

And then Madness took over

We heart 21sts
EishBirthday boy
Out of Control
Team workNaked roof antics
Too much ZappaBeer bong!
Oh yeahRaaave!

And then we got tired...


so we went home, knowing that it truly was a fantastic evening!!!
Thanks Kim

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thank You!

I don't think I thanked James Properly for my rad birthday present. Every night when I go to turn my lamp off, this rad little Duck is smiling at me


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sometimes I am more grateful for cameras than others


Strangely enough, I only have one question...why could I see through this slug?

Good Bye

To Ceil

I will miss you bombarding me with questions every morning.
I will miss how you seemed thrilled to see me, even though I saw you every day.
Thank you for everything, I know you really cared about all of us and even if I was a bit grumpy towards you from time to time, I did care about you too.
(And thank you for the awesome socks)

Rest in Peace

I often spoke of Ceil to my Gogo and when I told my Gogo that Ceil is gone, she gave the loveliest reason why. She told me it's good because Jesus knew she was tired, and now she can sleep.
It made me smile.

RIP Ceil

Friday, April 9, 2010

Late Acknowledgements

It was my birthday on February 11th and I turned twenty
it was a really rad day, made special by my friends
and one present really made me smile
so mad props to Bex for making the most amazing gift!
It's a washline for my hair clips...cos i have like a million.
and she made it herself

cool present
cool presentcool present