Sunday, June 6, 2010

Holidays, So far

I have been absorbed into the time zone that is midyear vacation, filled with half price sushi, rooftop drinks, flea markets and Sunday morning scones.

This weekend has been particularly fun. Friday night we saw Desmond and the Tutus and headed back to Paz's house for Chandre's birthday. We had drinks on her roof, it has an amazing view.
Saturday I went with my Mom to St.Luke's fete. Got some owls (will show them in another post) and met up with Bex and we headed to I Heart Market to meet up with everyone else. We got free shiny rocks while eating the most amazing breakfast and then headed out to Essenwood flea market where we sat on the grass, got dragged by Timmy (Bex's Pooch) and ended up having ice cream on the beach. Bliss!!
To top off the day, we went to Shevie's for a braai and I went to bed feeling very tired.
I woke up bright and early today and went with to the Car Boot Sale. We met up with Lara-Jan there and the three of us battled the sea of people. If you live in Durban, you have to go to the boot sale at least once, it's so interesting. I got an old Kodak Colourbust instant camera, for R15.
Before we went home, Se and I HAD to go for scones at Botanic Gardens...most amazing scones ever!

So, that was my amazing weekend...♥