Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crocodile Farm

I felt my family should do something different this weekend and not get trapped at home exactly a week after losing Nala. So we went to the crocodile farm.
It wasn't the greatest farm ever, but the owners were really passionate about the animals, even if the owner had no index fingers, and a chunk of his left leg missing...
I also learnt that "Crocodile Farm" means that they actually farm crocodiles, for meat and skin.
So the crocs in the cages were the breeding animals, and the rest were for slaughter...I'm still not too sure about this concept, but we got to see the crocodile feeding, an alligator wear my sunglasses and crocodile curry (eeewww).

Alligator Loves
BrotherCroc Curry
Waitng for NomsOwner sitting on "Hannibal"
Circus Alligator wearing my sunglasses