Saturday, May 22, 2010

Old Pictures

So, these are my favourite slides so far;

My Uncle, the clownBank and a friend
First one is my uncle (the clown, who even has ginger hair), at his 6th birthday.
The second one is my Great Grandfather, Bank (in the hat) and his friend.
Apparently him and I are very similar. I never met him, but he was also fascinated with taking photographs and he also hated to be in the photographs.

My dad and uncle
This is my Dad and my Uncle. Dad is about 8, uncle is about 4. The funny thing is that I could recreate this picture because their sons are about this age now, and look exactly the same as they did.

My Gran at a weddingMy Dad and his hound
The first one is my Gran, a bride's maid.
The second one is my Dad and his pooch.

Bank at Stone Henge
This is Bank at Stone Henge, about 1962 or so.