Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Splashy Freaking Fen

I can't have a blog and not have a Splashy post

We left at 2:30am, the drive up was pleasant but we had not even got halfway there yet and there was drama.
Basically, when we got there, we had to find 3 stray campers who had been kicked out their previous campsite.

Personally, I can't think of anything better than camping with my mates, swimming in the river and watching bands at night.
The vibe with our campsite was quite different from last year, we had a lot less people, but I actually enjoyed splashy more because of it.
I Shared a tent with Darren, best room mate ever!
splashy is a bit of a blur, but the highlights...or perhaps just the most memorable moments

  • Kyle's car breaking down
  • Calvin cutting his foot open
  • Raising money for Calvin's stitches
  • The toilets
  • Making a chain across the river to get our stuff to the other side
  • Listening to tit songs
  • Being told I'm on Acid...because it's something I wouldn't know about??
  • Watching Horse the Band
  • The shower when i got home
  • The car pool...a literal car pool
  • The dude puking blood and noodles
Thanks to my friends for the rad times...and to everyone else: i hope you had a lovely easter

Waiting for Shevie
New blanketMmmm
our campsiteJungle men
happies to be at splashy
AwehHappy swim
The gangBuns
manly men?
Swimming truckno pictures please
We gots brainsaxe murderer of splashy