Sunday, July 26, 2009

Top Weekend!

This weekend was awesome!! But, I'll start with friday, chronological just makes sense, hehe!

Friday was a uni and then chill with friends day. We went and chilled at Nich's house for the last time before he goes back to Uni. Twas quite lovely. Food, friends, Wii, hubbly and blankets..what else could you ask for? Oh, and I made a bunny out of Presstick

Saturday was a flippin jol!!
My Dad, brother and I took our golden retriever, Allistar, to uShaka beach. The surf there is always super flat, and it was quite cold, so we didn't expect many people to be around and we were right. Ally freaking loved the water so much, we couldn't get him out! I got back just in time to get ready and make my way to the Furber's for Robyn's Matric dance pre-party. I was doing the pictures for the evening. It was such a cool party! really enjoyed it! The girls all looked stunning!

After the girls had all left, Bex came to get me from Rob's and we made our way to the willowvale! City bowl mizers, Pretty Blue Guns and Primative Anarchiests were playing. Freaking rad show! In between sets, we sat around various tables playing with toy dinosaurs which attracked so many people, lol.

The Willowvale is like no other place I've ever encountered. During the last band, I was quite tired and decided to occupy a bench in the back corner of the room, next to a very sullen looking woman. Try this some time, just sit and watch people at a gig one day. After a few minutes, a very intoxicated individual wheeled in on a very old bicycle and straight into the depths of the crowd. Moments later, said individual was crowd surfing...still riding the bike! Soon everyone was taking a turn riding the bike. As I'm having a good giggle to myself, a bunch of people burst through the door into the room where the band is playing and all collapse onto the floor...and stay there. They're all covered in multiple colours of paint, no idea why. Soon after, a little white poodle comes up to me, stares at me, and walks away. The gig ends and we leave the room, only to be pushed onto the sides of the walkway to make way for a party of people escorting (more like throwing out) some dudes who were fighting at the bar. They continue to fight, in the middle of Umbilo road. They manage to stumble into the very dodgy road across the way and disappear. This concluded a very successful evening at the Vale!

Sunday, we got Nintendo Wii!! Too stoked! And that was my weekend. Amped for next weekend:

  • Pay day
  • Gig at UKZN
  • Sleep